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Barcelona Conference Group consists of its Swedish founders and an international network of competent travel planners in different cities around the world. The head office and founders are based in Barcelona, Spain.

What makes us unique?

We possess a rare combination of solid experience in organizing conferences, events and arranging speakers and a solid knowledge and understanding about various cultures and languages.

Not only can Barcelona Conference Group help your company arrange and organize everything related to your conference, but we also bring you closer to the local culture, connecting you with companies and organizations that are relevant to you.

The founders of Barcelona Conference Group

Kristin Lindgren

Kristin is Swedish and has lived in Barcelona since 2005. She loves to travel and is an active runner, a member of Badalona’s rowing club, an yoga practitioner and sings in Barcelona’s Nordic choir; Stella Polaris.

When Kristin lived in Stockholm she worked in competency development and i.e. founded “Hälsonätverket”, which was one of Sweden’s most powerful networks for Work Place Health Promotion. Kristin also started up a branch for international field trips.

Kristin holds a double B.A.; one with a mayor in Sociology and the other in English.  

Rebecka Malm

Rebecka has lived in several countries in Europe. Born and raised in Sweden, studied in the Netherlands, therafter working in Paris and in Amsterdam before finally settling down in Barcelona 2006. Rebecka is an active padel player, dances ballet and loves the Costa Brava, where she spends the weekends with her family. 

She holds a BBA degree with  specialization in international Marketing Management. She has 10 years of working experience in multinationals in the food retail sector, before she founded Barcelona Conference Group.  

Our Clients

Our clients are a mix of authorities, city councils, organizations and small, medium and big companies from the private sector. Thanks to our diverse backgrounds, we have a good understanding of different cultures and also speak several languages fluently, which is of great importance to our clients.

Why choose Barcelona Conference Group?

We are passionate about what we do. We have a genuine interest in people and always give a warm and personal treatment. We love to welcome our groups in person on our different destinations! We are extremely flexible, attentive listeners and eager to make the utmost of our client’s events and travels. We are creative and not afraid of challenges! We have an extensive and unique international network, which enables us to take groups to many different places and help them on spot with local connections, ventures, venues, accommodation, restaurants, transport and excursions.

Our Values

  • PASSION | We love what do and that shows. We will always be ambitious in meeting your needs and meet you with a smile.
  • AUTHENTICITY | We are humble, honest, and we genuinely care about and respect our clients.
  • QUALITY | Because of our drive and experience we can assure you a first class trip.

What Our Clients Say About Us

“Awesome trip with excellent planning and well chosen field trips and restaurants. I can warmly recommend the cooking course which was a powerful experience and gave a good team spirit. Thanks Kristin & Rebecka for an excellent planned and executed conference!”

Nadia Lalami - Global Head of Facilities, Spotify
Hi Kristin and Rebecka!

We are really happy with the trip to London, our whole management team experienced that the study visits inspired and enriched us very much! The visit at Lambeth City Council was especially interesting and we also had a really good day with professor Paula Brockwell.

Marie-Louise Gäärd - HR Leadership Development, Umea Kommun
“The trip Barcelona / Andorra was a popular combination. Two days of skiing and two days of big city is unbeatable. It was intense but not exhausting. Since you were with us everything went smoothly at check-in and ski events. I have been at many off-sites conferences and this event was absolutely one of the best I have experienced!”
Torbjörn Segerstedt - Franchisee Fastighetsbyrån, Enköping/Strängnäs
“Very good trip! It went smooth, quiet and clear. The guides melted in as one of the gang and knew what suited the group in a professional way. Enormously good selection of restaurants with great food!”
Christina Segerstedt - Real Estate Agent, Fastighetsbyrån
“What days in London! Very good study visits and a great lecturer on the subject resilience, the individual’s ability to cope with everyday life.”
Jan Bergman - Director of communications, Umeå municipality
“Thanks for a nice trip to Madrid – everyone is very happy with the study visits and all the other arrangements!”
Per Muhr - Field Engineer, Tyréns
“Many thanks for a great and well planned and executed study tour to Madrid and Zaragoza – everyone is very satisfied!”
Department Train & Telecommunications Region West, Tyréns

“I can’t thank you enough Rebecka for all valuable and professional help with the travel to Seville with our board of directors – it was absolutely fantastic working with you and I will recommend you to all the people I know! I also hope that we will have the opportunity collaborate with a new trip soon!”

Helena Martin, Executive Assistant ICA

“A big thank you Kristin for organizing such interesting visits and fun activities in between, we had a great travel to Lisbon!”

Mona Birgetz, HR-Director, Sollentuna City Council

“We really had a wonderful trip and all are very happy with it. Our CEO Ronnie couldn’t be happier and we would like to thank you for all work you put down and all the nice details. Rebecka, you are a star and we are glad we found you!”

Emma Clark, Executive assistant, Galenica

“I would like to give Kristin a warm thank you for a very interesting program in Lisbon!  I also would like to thank the rest of the group for making it such a memorable trip.”

Stefan Jacobsen, HR-Director, Sala City Council

“The group was very happy with their Barcelona trip! Like always Rebecka, I am very thankful working with you, it is a great comfort to know that we have such competent, service minded and flexible collaborators in Barcelona!”

Koch Ljungberg, Tour & Travel

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