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A picturesque cosmopolitan

Discover Europe’s most picturesque capital. The cozy channels and illuminated bridges, lined with houses from the 1600 century, make the town unique. But besides canals, tulips, cheese and clogs, Amsterdam has so much more to offer.

Amsterdam has evolved to become one of Europe’s business centers. Many multinational companies have chosen to locate their headquarters in Amsterdam, thanks to the country’s fiscal benefits for foreign companies. The city has a cosmopolitan atmosphere, while the cozy “small town feel” is still there.

There are literally teeming with restaurants and pubs in town. The Dutch enjoy life and are fun, who like to take a “Borrel” after work, which means a beer and a “bitter ball” on one of the many “bruine cafées” the classic Dutch pub. Cultural assets are also great, here you can admire Van Gogh’s works, Rembrandt’s “Night Watch”, see how Anne Frank lived or visit a diamond museum.

Amsterdam’s lung is the beautiful Vondel Park, in the center of town. Especially in spring and summer it is very popular with picnic spot for Amsterdamers.

Amsterdam has 800 000 inhabitants with 180 different nationalities. This multicultural mix is precisely what gives the city its charm, where everything is possible and much is allowed. There are more bicycles than inhabitants in the town and you rarely see a Dutchman without his bike and it is arguably the most widely used vehicle in town.

A canal tour is a must when you are in Amsterdam, it is from the water, you see the city in its right way, and the locals agree to this too. they use the channels diligently with their small boats, especially during the beautiful spring and summer evenings.