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Project Description

Principality with fantastic skiing

Andorra is a principality located between France and Spain. Its area is 460 square kilometers and the capital, Andorra La Veilla is the highest in Europe, located at over 1000 meters above sea level. Residents “andorrians” is only a little over 80 000 people, which enjoys one of the highest living standards and one of the world’s highest average life expectancy (82 years). Andorra is beautifully surrounded by the Pyrenees with dramatic views and mountain scenery makes it an excellent option for skiing and hiking holidays.

The tiny principality has a strong economy and very low unemployment (about 3%). The little country has over 10 million visitors per year, making tourism the country’s biggest source of income. The skiing systems have been attached which means a great skiing area of a total of 300 km ride slopes, from the Spanish to the French border. Andorra is the only country with Catalan as the official language but most people also speak Spanish, French and Portuguese. The previously relatively quiet resort are now becoming known internationally since 2012 it hosted the feminine World Cup, 2013 Andorra will also host the male World Cup. Andorra is known for duty-free shopping, making it a popular destination for those wanting a budget holiday. Good skiing, lively after ski, fantastic spa and great shopping make Andorra attractive to all tastes. The country has a wide selection of hotels, bars and restaurants to suit all wallets.