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Project Description

“Sexy start-up hub”

“Berlin is a poor but sexy city,” the former city mayor Klaus Wowerei once said and it is a fitting description of the mysterious, mythical, historical and yes, sexy capital. The past decade has been the city’s economy has grown and attract a variety of startups and big investments from several Silicon Valley giants – is still sexy, not as poor anymore and nowadays also a hot innovation nest!

To the surface, Berlin is the largest metropolitan area, larger than New York, but has “only” 3.5 million inhabitants. The city experienced why very roomy where a third of the surface is occupied by forests, parks and lakes. Berlin residents consist of 180 nations and it shows, each neighborhood has its own style and character, full of history, old buildings mixed with new design. Few people know the fact that Berlin has more bridges than Venice, but it will be aware of when taking a guided boat tour through the city.

Another great way to get around the city is by bike, the city has a large expanded cycle trail and the city is almost flat, no wonder it often set the world record in the marathon here! Because of the former division between East and West Berlin has often double and sometimes triple the range in terms of, for example, museums, operas, theaters and shopping streets. Berlin is growing at a rate of knots as a tourist destination and it’s really no wonder.

Berlin has the most restaurants of any city in Europe. It is only a few meters between the options. From real gourmet restaurants to simple fast food, there’s something for every preference. The hotel offer is huge and the prices of both food and hotel rooms are very pleasantly surprising.

Whatever you focus on, what type you are, you will not be disappointed with your visit Berlin! Your stay will likely make you want more.