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Project Description

Fado and futurism

The light that characterizes Lisbon is something that a visitor never will forget. The city center, with Roman relics and a strong Arab heritage, a maze of alleys and buildings, are bathing in the golden light that occurs when the sun is reflected in the Tagus River. The genuine of Portuguese culture – the sentimental fado music, street life, sardines grilled in the open street and noisy and the charming “vintage-tram” to climb up the city’s hills – everything lives on. Alongside the traditional you also find all modern comfort you could wish for in a European capital city; trendy restaurants, simple taverns, stylish hotel, charming hostels. The shopping offer spans from hand-painted tiles to international luxury brands.

During the World Expo 1998 a completely new and futuristic neighborhood was built, Expo, which is an interesting contrast to the historic Lisbon. In the district of Belem you will find historic landmarks such as the Belém Tower, where Vasco da Gama and other explorers launched their ships to explore the world.

Lisbon is ideal for conferences! It is one of the cheapest capitals in Europe, which allows the visitor to stay well and treat themselves with the best wines and food on the market. Portuguese cuisine is less known than many of its neighboring countries, mainly due to its small size, drinking and eating is great in Lisbon! The language is Portuguese, but unlike many southern European neighbors, the Portuguese are often multilingual. The visitor will get far with English among the younger generations, French works with the older people and Spanish works almost with all. The Portuguese are known as an open, generous and humble people.

The Atlantic Ocean and countless beaches are just 20 minutes from downtown, offering sun and sea, great surfing and other water sports. There are also plenty of top-notch golf courses. This combined with the most hours of sunshine per year in Europe; Lisbon is a city that really has everything: a pearl on southern Europe´s extreme west coast.