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Project Description

Sun and Flamenco

Malaga’s coastline is not named for out a reason the Costa del Sol, the city offers annually many hours of sunshine and beach days. Malaga’s inhabitants,  los Malagueños, are known for their casual style. Here one takes time for a spontaneous chat over a tapas and a cool drink. In the evenings, free flamenco shows are offered when having a meal at an outdoor terrace, often by very professional street performers. Malaga is a fascinating city with a rich history and culture, from more than 2000 years back in time. In Pablo Picasso’s hometown one can visit both his childhood and Art Gallery, where about 150 of his masterpieces are on display, all donated by his family. For those who want to feel the glamor, the famous jet-set town of Marbella is just right next to Malaga. In the famous harbor Puerto Banús you can both look and be looked at. People come here from all over the world and the town retains its attractiveness among the celebrity elite. Other cities nearby that are well worth a visit are Seville and Granada. Malaga is also a strategic location to easily get around in the region of Andalucia. For those who want to plan a conference trip to a sun-proof place at wintertime with a temperature of around 18 degrees, Malaga is perfect!