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Project Description

Culture with the mix of two worlds and two continents

Montreal is a mecca for conference planners! It has repeatedly been named of the North America’s Capital Congress City and is also a very popular among students. Montreal is Canada’s second largest city after Toronto and was officially founded in 1642 but there are historical landmarks from 1535. The city is made up of an interesting and not entirely conflict-free mix of French and English history and culture, which makes Montreal unique. The most fascinating of the city is precisely its two parallel worlds, the French and English. However, nowadays, the French-speaking part is now dominating after hardcore independence policies.

Montreal is one of North America’s most culturally rich cities and is often called the festival city. The city’s jazz and film festival are world famous and Montreal is also Canada’s center for French-speaking television productions, radio, theater, film, multimedia and publishing. Montreal has also been named by UNESCO as a city of design.

As tourist should not miss Old Montreal, the old, charming, historic district as one can experience by walking or by horse and carriage. In summer there are boat trips from the Old Port and many live concerts. Another must-see for the tourist is Mount Royal Park, a wonderful place and the main lung of the city’s north side with a fantastic view of the city.

Another tourist destination is the Olympic Park with an observation tower and a cable car, the botanical garden, which includes a Insectarium and the Biodome, which recreates four different ecosystems, including tropical forests.