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Project Description

A beautiful and sophisticated pearl

Beautiful Palma has been a very popular destination for decades. As the capital of the island it is the home to over half of Mallorca’s approximately 800 000 inhabitants.
Palma has many high-class restaurants, fantastic shopping and a bustling nightlife; however culture is probably the city’s main hallmark. Being an island, Mallorca has always been vulnerable to attacks from outside, and that is the reason for its rich history and culture. This Roman city was founded 120 years BC and relics from the old city are still there. The Arabs who took over Palma during the 900s (and later became taken over by the Spaniards in the 1400) have left a great architectural heritage and culture.
Palma’s beautiful Mediterranean climate makes the city attractive to tourists all year round. If you want to leave this tiny glittering pearl on the seafront, it is close and easy to get to other places worth visiting on Mallorca.

Mallorca has made a bit of a renaissance in recent years and been spotted again. The reputation of Mallorca from the charter boom that started in the 1970s has become blurred and Mallorca has upgraded properly. It is almost impossible not to fall in love with the island; its beautiful landscape and nature, where you can choose between warm sea bathing or great hiking and biking on the winding mountain roads.